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CenturyLink Fiber+ update

Good news about Fiber+. The multi-tenant restriction is now removed so a lot more sites should qualify.

This product is hard to beat with a sell price of $369 per month for 1GIG/1GIG.

See the notice below that was recently posted on the CCPP forum.

Exception Request DSRs no longer needed for MTU/Fiber+

Tired of submitting MTU/Fiber+ Exception Request DSRs for locations that aren’t qualifying for Fiber+? Great news… now you don’t have to. Saleslink and Salesforce qualification for Fiber+ products has been modified to remove the check for tenant counts.

Why is this good news for me?

This change opens Fiber+ up to more locations. Single tenant locations and new construction sites where tenant information isn’t available will now qualify for Fiber+ products. And all that means no more exception requests for you, which saves you time.

A few things to keep in mind…

  • Locations must still be On Net or FiNN qualified to qualify for Fiber+

  • Active DSRs that have already been submitted will be canceled since they are no longer required

  • To qualify these locations, simply clear old qualification data and rerun the qualification

  • To clear old qualification data in Salesforce, click the “refresh availability” link on the Service Location record

  • In Saleslink, click the gear icon in the upper right corner > click “settings” tab > click “clear saved qualification data” button > click “save”

Your Actions > Take advantage of these additional locations that now qualify for Fiber+.

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